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8/7/13 07:11 pm
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I just couldn't resist when I saw this picture. Addie is coming along fine. She is moving around very, very well with her little cast on. This is the third one she's had as they change it each time she goes in for a check-up.

 photo Addie6_zps7500fb68.jpg
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Saturday is Adoption Day for the Mythbusters. Right now the kittens are all spoken for. Addie was the most popular by far and she and Grant are going to be adopted together. Jamie and Tory are also spoken for as singles. Kari, the mom, hasn't been spoken for, but hopefully on Saturday, someone will see her and fall in love with her sweet disposition and gorgeous face and feel compelled to give her a home. Here are some last pics of the kittens.

 photo 7-161_zpse625dbf6.jpg

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The kittens have learned how to climb up and get over the fence into the rest of the room. They started this yesterday. Jamie was first, then Tory, then Grant. Addie was the last to go over. Of course, Foster Dad John put them all back in when he came to check up on them. Well, they went over the fence again today and have been gone all day. FDJ just came in and put them all back in. He couldn't stay since he is going to dinner with his parents. I swear to god, he hadn't had time to get out the front door when Jamie went over the fence, followed immediately by Addie, then Tory. Grant went a couple of minutes later.

 photo 7-111_zps6e30ddd0.jpg
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Foster Dad John needs a vacation. Here's a picture of him sleeping with the kittens. They weren't happy and soon woke him up.

 photo 6-261_zpsb5d03503.jpg

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More big news in the Mythbusters World. But first, Foster Dad John wore his velcro pants on Sunday night.

 photo 6-241_zps68400bfb.jpg

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Foster Dad John tries to come in and play with the kittens twice a day to get them used to being around people before adoption. John also has a son, Chris, who he calls the Minion. The Minion helps him with the foster kitties. Chris had been a little camera-shy, but has gotten over that. He very occasionally comes in instead of John to play with the kittens. He brings his tablet and answers questions that the viewers ask him in the chat window on the live stream. Here is the elusive Minion.

 photo 7-222_zpsd4510928.jpg

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Big things happened for the kittens today. BIG things! They are big enough now that John redid the room and moved them to the next size room. The big toy to the right has been dubbed the Mewniverse by the viewers because it looks like it has planets hanging from it. There will be one more upgrade later on. Pics!

John just finishing up and petting Kari since she was not happy with this whole process. She talked to him the whole time and not in her usual "I adore you!" voice, but more like, "What are you doing to my babies and my house?".
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Two new updates on the kittens, or rather, two of the kittens.

1. "Never has the Kitten Cam world been rocked since Ashgate. [Two litters ago, the biggest kitten, Ash was thought to be a girl. When they finally took the kittens to the vet, she turned out to be a he. He was sooooooo fluffy, they were fooled.]

Adam is a girl. Adam will still be called Adam, but will refer to her as "Addie" for a nickname. How could this happen? Well, Addie has little tufts of fur besides her itty bitty girl bits that look like itty bitty boy bits. Needed to wait until she was older."

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I wanted to do an update because there are a couple of developments with the kittens. First, Adam, the buff colored kitten now has black fur on his back legs and tail, as well as around the edges of his ears. How adorable is that?

 photo 5-223_zpsb22609af.jpg

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I'm watching the Live Stream of the Mythbusters Kittens and FDJ is in for a visit. He is talking while he is sitting just outside the enclosure. He said that a woman walked into a local Pet Smart, dropped off mama Kari and walked out. That is how he got her, since she was pregnant when the woman dropped her off.

John has magical powers as far as cats go. The kittens are nursing, so he has his hand under mama Kari's head and she is just so happy. She has one paw on his arm, kneading it. Ripley and Laika both (the previous two mamas) just adored him. Laika practically worshiped him. He's like a Cat Whisperer. :)

Seriously, if you need a pick-me-up, check them out: MYTHBUSTERS KITTENS
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Foster Dad John has a new batch of foster kittens:

Mama is Kari. The tabby is Grant. The cream-colored is Adam. The kitten with the dark splotches on the head is Tory, orange splotches is Jamie.

They are sooooo cute!
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