Imbolc Ritual

2/4/13 09:55 pm
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The ritual yesterday went very well. I was nervous through the whole thing, but managed to make it through without any major mistakes. Everyone liked it. The leader of our group gave me an A and asked me if I'd like to do more rituals in the future, so that made me feel good and I figured it must have gone fairly well. I'm very relieved. I did learn things from doing this ritual that I know I need to work on to improve the next one, things I need to change to make the next one better, so it wasn't perfect, but I hardly expected it to be, but I was happy with how it went as my first public ritual.


1/24/13 02:02 am
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February 1st is our holiday of Imbolc, a celebration of the goddess Brigid. It's also a welcoming of the coming spring, just like Groundhog Day is.

The leader of our group asked me to write and conduct the ritual for our celebration. I've written one other ritual in my entire life. That was an Imbolc ritual I wrote and performed solo several years ago. She did send me an outline for a basic ritual. I finished it this morning and will be sending it to her so she can tell me if it's ok or if I need to change anything.

I'm more than a little nervous to be doing this. I'm not good at public speaking, but since I know these people so well, I'm sure that will help. The ritual itself will be on Sunday, the 3rd. The closer it gets, the more nervous I get. But I'm honored that she asked me to do this. I'm the first member that she has asked to do a ritual. ::Deep Breath:: I can do this.


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