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Today was Adoption Day and I just wanted to let everyone know that all the kittens and the mom were adopted and are now in their new homes. I pray they live happily ever after. :)
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Since the Cosmo Kitties all got fixed yesterday, they are ready for adoption. Adoption Day is Saturday. I wanted to post one last batch of pics of the little rascals and their gorgeous mother.

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The large cat condo in the corner is known as the Tardis. The kittens love it. But they aren't the only ones. While they sleep, someone else sneaks in and takes over the Tardis.

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The final upgrade. Note the spiffy new floor. The thing with the arms and the balls hanging from them is new this time around. The tower in the back right-hand corner is called the Enterprise because of its shape.

 photo 4-11.jpg

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Gimme That!

4/1/13 06:31 pm
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I'm laughing so hard right now. I checked in on the Foster Kitties and Yuri was inside the enclosure near the side, playing with a little white mouse. Laika was outside and came along, stuck her paw through the fence and tried to take the mouse away from Yuri. She didn't manage it, but then she jumped inside, but left him alone. :D
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Mama Laika can easily jump up and over the fence, and here she is sitting outside watching the inmates go wild. What you can't see is the escapee hiding behind her. He's behind the poster board by her butt. I thought I got a pic of him coming out, but I cannot find it.

 photo 3-281.jpg

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John expanded the kitties' home again since they are getting bigger. Here are a few pics.

 photo 3-271.jpg

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This happened yesterday afternoon. John tries to make the cage escape-proof, but cats are devious and cunning and smart and determined. With the last litter of kittens, he had one that would not stay in the cage, no matter what he did.

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I know I just updated on the Foster Kitties yesterday, but this evening (or afternoon where Foster Dad John is in Seattle), he set up the bigger cage and let the kittens loose. I thought I'd post a few pics of them in their new digs.

John still setting up the new enclosure with the kittens shut in the small cage while he does it.
 photo 3-181_zpsd2b9af77.jpg

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Someone on my LJ Friend's List requested updates on the kitties, so I decided to post occasional pictures of them as they grow. Since this is just the second day John has had them, I figured it's a good day to introduce you to them.

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