Not a Bad Day

4/23/13 12:41 pm
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Thank goodness it wasn't Tuesday yesterday. I have my internet, land line and T.V. with Time Warner. It all went down sometime yesterday morning or afternoon. The guy came this morning and fixed it all in about a half hour. Now I can watch NCIS and NCIS:LA tonight.

While he was in the basement working on that, I unboxed my new Shark vacuum and put it together. Now I have a real vacuum, not just one of those little 2lb stick vacs. I can't wait to put it to use. I also went to the Post Office and got my mail. My packages from Petco were there. I ordered some cat food I hope the cats will eat.

I also ordered a boa on a stick toy for them and a package of two pads you use for cat beds. My one cat wants nothing more than to be with me. She will sleep on the floor here in the office or drive me insane by coming over every five minutes to meow at me and want to be petted. I put one of the bed pads at the end of the desk and she is sleeping soundly on it right now. We are both happy.
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What is it with cats and fresh cat litter? Tomorrow is trash day, so I cleaned the litter box tonight. I finished filling it with new liter and turned around to leave the kitchen. There stood both cats just outside the kitchen. As soon as I went into the living room, one was in the box. Fresh cat litter lasted < 5 seconds.

I think (knock on wood *knocks on head*) that I have found a dry food that the cats will eat. It's Meow Mix with the crunchy outside and the meaty inside. I got it last Wed and they have been eating it like it's going out of style ever since. I hope this is true love because I was at my wits end. At one time last month, I had two different brands of dry food and four different brands of wet food and they wouldn't eat any of it. Here's hoping.

MRI and Cats

3/5/13 11:01 pm
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I was born with a narrowing of my aorta and I had bypass surgery done on it when I was 26, which was close to 30 years ago. I had a Teflon patch put in to widen the area that is narrowed.

My new cardiologist told me last month that those patches need to be checked regularly after 15 years, since they can come loose or start leaking. o__O No one told me that in 30 years! So, he scheduled an MRI for me to take a good look at it. That was this afternoon. Since they were doing it with a contrast material, and I only have one kidney, they had to do blood work before the MRI to make sure my kidney function is good, since the body gets rid of the contrast material through the kidney(s) and can be hard on it/them. My kidney function was fine.

The MRI wasn't bad. I'm not claustrophobic and they put in earplugs and put on headphones, so it wasn't anywhere near as noisy as the ones I've had before. It was just hard to lay on my back for so long with this heavy rectangular antenna taped to my chest. It's harder for me to breathe lying on my back.

But it's done and now I just have to wait to hear from the doctor with the results.

I also called the local SPCA today to ask about volunteering there. I can go in anytime they are open and stay for as short or as long a time as I want. I will get to pet and brush the kitties. I'm looking forward to that. :3

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3/1/13 02:01 am
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YAY! There is a new batch of kittens and their mom on the Live Stream channel I watch. Laika is the mom and she has four kittens. Valentina is a tortie, Yuri is a ginger and white boy, Pavel and Boris are both all black and the only way to tell them apart is that Boris weighs quite a bit more than Pavel. Laika is a calico and is so sweet. Foster Dad John was petting her and she was just eating it up, making air biscuits and purring. He got up and she followed him.

She was abandoned with her kittens. They are so itty bitty and she is so sweet I can't fathom why someone would just abandon them, especially in such weather. He lives near Seattle, but it's still cold there. I'm glad the cats have John to take care of them. In case anyone is interested in checking out the kitty cam, just click Foster Dad John. They are being called the Cosmo Fosters and John named them all while I was watching just a few minutes ago.
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There is this kitten foster care program in Seattle, WA called Purrfect Pals. They have foster parents who take in litters of kittens and their moms and care for them until they are old enough to be adopted. It is a great program. I found one of the foster parents - John - on the web. He has a live stream of the kittens and you can watch them 24/7. He is great. He has this room in his house that he dedicates just to the foster kittens. He has a lot of cat furniture for them, a ton of toys, he goes in and plays with them. He weighs them every day to begin with to make sure they are gaining weight like they should. If not, he feeds them extra food. He brushes them. He takes them to the vet for shots, then toward the end, he takes them to get spayed or neutered. This includes the mother. Finally, he takes them to Adoption Day. He has fostered a number of litters. This time he is fostering Ripley's Kittens - Ash (m), Newt (f), Bishop (f), Dallas (m), and Parker (m). He has had them since the beginning of January.

Today is Adoption Day for Ripley's Kittens. They just left with the kittens and Ripley. The hope is that all five kittens plus Ripley will all be adopted today. They are just the cutest kitties and Ripley is a beautiful, sleek tuxedo cat. I don't see why they won't all be adopted. But I'm so sad to see them go. I watched them grow up and got to see their little personalities develop and picked a favorite (Newt). Foster Dad John did too, and he's said that Adoption Days are bittersweet for him. He loves cats and loves being able to help these rescued kittens survive, but giving them away is hard.

He usually never knows when he will get another litter, but he told us last night that he is expecting a new litter next week. And so it will start all over again.
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The cabinet under the kitchen sink has two doors. For some reason, my cat Ruffles dislikes having the left one shut. Just the left one. Every time I go to the kitchen, it is open. Sometimes all the way, sometimes just a little, but it is always open. I shut it and the next time I go, it's open again. I put a rubber band across the handles to keep her from doing this, but it finally broke.

Well, Thursday I got a rubber band around my mail, so I put it across the handles. I could hear her out there trying to get it open. It kept banging. I was laughing to myself at how frustrated she must be, but she was persistent.

When I went to bed, both Ruffles and Coco got on the bed with me. Coco gets on my left side and Ruffles gets on my right side, so I pet both of them at the same time. I realized that Ruffles didn't have her collar on.

Friday morning, I went looking for it. It was hanging from the bottom of that cabinet door. It was caught inside the cabinet and was hanging out. She must have tried putting her head inside to get the door open. I put the collar back on her and I took the rubber band off. I'm afraid she could hurt herself or get her head caught in there if I leave it on there. Strangely, the door hasn't been open at all today.
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My cats are acting like, well, animals. I was sitting here minding my own business and could hear them running around in the living room. Suddenly, I could hear hissing. I looked out and Cooco was hissing at Ruffles and both of them had their paws raised, ready to smack the other one. I yelled at them and they slowly backed off. Coco went in and got on the bed.

Just now, I was going to the kitchen and on my way, I found Ruffles' collar lying on the floor in the living room. They both have break-away collars. I have no idea what they were doing that would cause Ruffles' collar to come off. Brats!
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Yesterday, my new comforter came in the mail. I got it out and put it on the bed this evening. Guess where both cats are? They usually sleep in the living room - one on the ottoman and the other either on the back of the couch or the back of the recliner. Not tonight! :)


10/9/12 12:41 am
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This is Ozzy from Vancouver. He was shot in the neck with a crossbow. After $1000 worth of hard work and vet bills, he is doing fine. He's also gorgeous and brave.

Cat with Arrow
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I was talking to my landlady this afternoon about this and that. She mentioned that there were a lot of stray cats around. I agreed. There is a big stand of bushes right across the street from the apartments and I know that at least two of them stay there, probably at least three of them. She said, yes, she knew. It's all the fault of the lady in Apartment #1. She feeds them. Yeah, and she also feeds the pigeons, too. Landlady laughed and said she was a big animal lover.

I mentioned that I had almost hit some of the cats on several occasions. The landlady said, "GOOD!" WTF? You want me to hit defenseless cats? Not in this lifetime or any other! I love cats and would never, ever hurt one. I wouldn't hit any animal, but especially not these cats that I sort of know and like. There's the black and white one, the orange and white one, and the grey tiger one. They aren't mine, but I know them. They actually are like their own little cat family. I've seen them chasing each other and playing on the lawn in front of the apartments. They are very sweet kitties. Maybe I'll try to catch them and take them to the Peace Plantation, a cat habitat not too far away.
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Last night I went to Albany to visit with some friends and watch the football season opener between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. I'm a huge Giants fan and was almost as pissed as Eli Manning when they lost by one touchdown. But we had so much fun. I hadn't seen any of them in at least two months and we always have a blast when we get together. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. :)


I've been slowly learning how to use this laptop. I've never used one before, so it's been interesting. One thing that's been bugging me is that, unlike my desktop, there is no audio control button. If I have the main computer sound turned all the way up, there is no easy way to turn it down if I come across an especially loud video. Or so I thought! I just discovered by accident where the audio control is, so now I'm happy.


My cats have been driving me crazy with the food situation. They are so damned picky! I had always fed them dry food, but they would eat the food for about a week, then turn their noses up at it. I would buy a different brand and they would eat that for about a week, then turn their noses up at it. Lather, rinse, repeat. I have had up to four different brands at one time of half-full bags of cat food. :/

Two or three months ago, I started feeding them wet cat food because Ruffles had a problem of not being able to digest the dry food. All was well for about a month, then they started not liking it. I tried other brands and types of wet food, but nothing worked. They seemed to like the paté type best, but I can only get that in one brand - 9 Lives. They have not been eating it though. So I bought pouches of shredded food. They absolutely will NOT eat it AT ALL. They ate practically nothing for two days.

I had to stop last night on the way to Albany to get some snacks for the get-together and I also got the old 9 Lives paté food. When I got home, I gave them a can. It was GONE almost immediately. They also devoured the can I gave them this morning. Guess they like it after all. Brats.


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