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I came home from the doctor's office today and my calico, Coco was in the office making love to my slippers. Now, they are pretty special slippers. They come up over my ankles, they have ties and two pom-poms on each ankle and they are leopard print fake fur. She was just rubbing her head all over them. When I came in the office, she left.

Just now, she was sleeping on the floor (on my sweater that I put there for her). I had to get up to go to the bathroom. When I got up, she got up - and started in on the slippers again. She stopped to follow me to the bathroom, since that is always a group event. But she followed me back into the office and started again. Now she's stopped and it appears to be bath time.

She's never done this before with anything else of mine, so I don't get it, but it's hysterical to watch. You'd think I'd doused the slippers in catnip, except for the fact that neither of my cats like catnip. It holds their attention for less than five minutes, then they wander off to take a nap. ::Shrug:: Whatever. She's a cat. That's my only explanation. :D
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This went on for 45 minutes. How cool would that be?


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