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Title - Send Me All Your Angels
Prompt - Making Deals w/Demons
Fandom - RPF Kradam (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen)
Rating - PG
Word Count - 1919
Summary - Kris is sick and is going to die. Adam makes a deal with a demon to save Kris.
Author’s Note - The title is from a song on Kris' first album.
Paimon is an actual demon from Christianity who speaks as described in this story. Mihalis is the Greek form of Michael.
TRIGGER WARNING - for serious illness and talk about death.

It seemed to happen in an instant. One minute Kris was fine, the next, the doctor was telling him he had probably six months to live. It had started about two weeks ago when Kris complained of a headache. Kris never got headaches, so Adam was worried from the start. He tried to get Kris to see a doctor, but Kris brushed him off. It was just a headache. It was gone the next day. Kris thought it was probably just stress. He was in the middle of planning his next tour. Their next tour. Adam and Kris were touring together for the first time and Adam was a perfectionist. He was getting on Kris' last nerve, even though Kris loved him with all his heart.

When the headache came back the next day, worse than it had been, Adam insisted that Kris see a doctor. Kris agreed because his head really did hurt. The doctor ordered some tests and two days later, they had a diagnosis and a prognosis. Kris had a brain tumor, it was fast-growing and he had approximately four months to live. Both men were devastated. They had gotten married the year before and had just settled into their new home. They had been planning this tour together, and now everything lay on the floor, shattered into a million pieces.

Kris and Adam had a few more weeks together before Kris began to show visible signs of the disease. Adam wanted to keep him at home and hire nurses to take care of him. But the doctors insisted that Kris needed to be in the hospital for proper treatment. So, Kris was moved into a private room on the long-term care wing of the hospital. Adam spent all his time with Kris. He only left to go eat and to get a little fresh air now and then. He watched, broken-hearted, as Kris grew weaker and weaker. He could barely speak and was too weak to feed himself. Adam fed him every meal, not that Kris ate much. Kris slept most of the time now. The doctors told Adam that it would just be a matter of three or four weeks at the most.

One night, while Adam watched Kris sleep, a man in a white coat came into the room. Adam assumed he was the night nurse. The man, however, approached Adam instead of tending to Kris. In a low voice, he said, "I can help your husband. I can cure him. Of course, this will come at a price." Adam stood up and looked the man in the eye. There was something there that made Adam believe him.

"Money is no object," Adam declared. "Just cure Kris, make him whole again. That's all I want."
"Good," said the man, "Because it won't cost you money. It will cost you something much more precious. It will cost you your voice."

" voice?" Adam asked hesitantly.

"Yes, your beautiful, flawless voice. I want it. I will trade you your husband's life for that voice."

Without hesitation, Adam agreed. "Yes, you can have my voice! Just heal Kris! Now!"

The man stepped over to Kris' bed and held his left hand over Kris’ head for a few seconds. Then he turned back to Adam. "Now to collect my fee." He held his left hand up to Adam's throat. Adam felt a coldness from his mouth down to his lungs. The man then held his right hand over his own throat. When he spoke again, he had Adam's voice. "Thank you, Mr. Lambert. It has been a pleasure doing business with you." He nodded with a smirk and left the room. Adam opened his mouth and tried to say Kris' name. The word was understandable, but his voice was rough, scratchy, like he had a frog in his throat. He tried a whole sentence and he sounded the same. He was too scared to try singing. Instead, he went back over to the bed and sat down next to Kris to see if there was any improvement.

He took Kris' hand in his and squeezed it lightly. Kris immediately opened his eyes, looked at Adam and smiled. "Hey, gorgeous," he said. "How long have you been here? You look exhausted. You should go get some sleep." Tears filled Adam's eyes. It seemed that the strange man had actually been able to cure Kris. Adam pressed the bell to call the nurse.

However, the doctors and nurses weren't as excited as Adam was by the fact that Kris seemed to suddenly feel better. "Adam," the doctor said, "don't get your hopes up. In cases like this, it's not unusual for the patient to rally and seem to improve just before they take a turn for the worse and this could signal that the end is not far away. I know this is hard on you, but you need to be prepared for Kris to go at any time."

However, that is not what happened. Kris continued to improve and grew stronger every day. Soon, he was up walking around the room and up and down the halls. The doctors ran every test they could think of on him and found that the tumor was gone. Kris was declared cured and a miracle cure at that. After another three weeks in the hospital, the doctors sent him home.

Kris had asked Adam several times about his voice and Adam had avoided the question, not wanting to make Kris feel guilty. But once they got home, he finally told Kris what he had done. Kris was horrified and, of course, felt completely guilty. Adam pulled him into his arms and assured him that it had been entirely worth it, since he doubted he would have had the heart to continue performing anyway if he had lost Kris. He said Kris was the most important thing in his life and now that he had Kris back, he felt complete again, even without his voice. Still, Kris fussed and fumed that the stranger had blackmailed Adam like that. He still felt guilty as well.

Paimon had always hated his voice. He roared incomprehensibly until one of the sorcerers made it possible for him to speak, then he could speak clearly. This greatly annoyed and frustrated the mighty demon. He had always wanted a different voice, one that was beautiful beyond compare. One night, as he roamed the Earth, he saw a sign for a concert in Tokyo, Japan. It was going on right then. Feeling out of sorts, he decided to go listen to the music and see if it lifted his mood. He entered the auditorium and stood by the side of the stage, invisible to everyone around him.

On the stage was a motley crew of musicians, led by a tall, dark-haired man who was doing the singing. Paimon listened to the man in awe. His voice was like the voice of an angel, otherworldly, flawless. Paimon stayed for the rest of the concert and found out that the man was called Adam Lambert. After that, Paimon followed Adam around the world and listened to that breathtaking voice time after time. He envied Adam his voice. It was the voice that he wanted, that he coveted. He tried to come up with a plan to obtain that voice.

He followed Adam home to Los Angeles and found that he had a boyfriend that he loved very much and that they were getting ready to get married. Paimon waited until after they got married and waited even longer for them to get settled into their new life. Then he struck. One night, as the two innocent men lay sleeping in each other’s arms, the demon entered their bedroom and put his right hand over Kris’ head. The next day, Kris complained of a head ache.

Paimon was sitting in his chamber in hell singing to himself in his new voice. He had dismissed all his sorcerers once he had acquired his new voice. His trusted assistant, Mihalis entered the room. “My Sovereign, what has happened to your voice? You sound magnificent!”

Paimon laughed, “I bargained with a mortal and got his incredible voice in return.” He laughed again. “What he doesn’t know is that I caused his problem in the first place.” Paimon continued to sing, belting out stunning high notes and singing every song he had ever wanted to be able to sing. “I believe I shall become the most famous singer on Earth. They might even let me into the Heavenly Choir with this voice!”

“But, my lord, you cannot use that voice to become a star or join the Heavenly Choir. I recognize that voice. It belongs to Adam Lambert. People around the world know that voice and love it and they love Adam. Those in the Heavenly Choir would also be aware of whose voice this is, since they gave it to him. The only place you can sing with your new voice is here, alone, for your own pleasure. No one can know you have that voice.”

Paimon stopped singing and looked at Mihalis in disbelief, which quickly turned to rage. “NO!” he roared, “That is not possible! I took this voice so I could use it to enthrall the mortals of Earth and join the choir in Heaven! If I cannot do that, this voice is useless to me!” In a fit of rage, he put his left hand to his throat and removed the voice he had stolen. He flung it far from him, out into the void between his world and the mortal world. He rose from his throne and swept out of the room in desolation.

Mihalis, who was actually the Archangel Michael in disguise, snatched the voice from the void and appeared inside the home where Adam and Kris lived. They were cuddled up on the couch, watching a movie. Michael took the precious gift and put it back where it belonged.

Adam felt a warm tingling in his throat. He swallowed, but it stayed there. He took a drink of water, but the warmth remained. “Kris, my throat...” He stopped talking as he realized that he was speaking in his normal voice. Kris sat up abruptly and turned to look at Adam.

“Adam! Say something else!” Kris demanded.

“I suddenly got this warm feeling in my throat and now...I don’t know what’s happening!” Suddenly, Adam grabbed Kris’ arm. “I hope this doesn’t know...I don’t want you to get sick again! No! I don’t want my voice back if it means I lose you!”

A soft voice filled the room. “Do not worry, Adam, Kris. He will not hurt you again. You are safe and your voice is back where it belongs. It will stay there. I can assure you that you will both have long, happy lives together. Enjoy every day that is given to you.”

Adam and Kris looked around, but saw no one else in the room. Then they looked at each other and smiled like idiots. Then they hugged like they never wanted to let go. But Kris broke it off to pull Adam down for a long, sweet kiss. “I promise to enjoy every single day I have with you. You are my life.”

Tears slid down Adam’s cheeks as he kissed Kris. “I promise to cherish every second with you. I wouldn’t want to live without you.”

Michael smiled, pleased with his work here.


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