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Title - Melting in Time
Prompt - Sacrifice
Fandom - RPF Kradam (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen)
Rating - R for violence and death
Word Count - 2196
Summary - Adam's nemesis want's to see him gone, but Adam is too strong for him, so he threatens to kill Kris.
TRIGGER WARNING: for violence and major character death.

He wore a long, black coat, black leather pants and knee-high black leather boots. His hair was black and fell over one eye. His eyes were piercing blue. Kris could tell that when the tall man passed under a street lamp as he strode down the sidewalk like he owned it. Kris had never felt like this before. He was both intrigued by the stranger and also scared. The man seemed to emit an aura of danger like a force field. Kris was self-aware enough to realize that that air of danger was part of the attraction he felt.

Kris was walking home from the theater where he was the music director. Tonight had been the opening night for this season's first production - the musical Phantom of the Opera. He lived about five blocks from the theater and liked the walk home to relax after the excitement of the performance, even though it was 2:00 in the morning. Tonight, though, he didn't feel relaxed. He felt intrigued, curious, almost a little reckless. He knew it was the pull of the danger and the obvious attractiveness of the man that had him all wound up.

After the dark stranger passed, Kris waited a few seconds, then turned and followed the man. Since the man in black was considerable taller than Kris, Kris had to practically run to keep up. He kept to the shadows, as did the stranger. Kris tried to keep quiet, but he was really winded when, fifteen minutes later, the stranger stopped abruptly in front of an old Gothic-style cathedral. He looked up at it, then mounted the steps and disappeared inside. Kris paused to catch his breath for a moment before following the man.

The wide, heavy door made no noise as Kris pushed it open and slipped inside, quickly closing the door behind him. Kris was now in complete darkness. He put his hands out and felt around in front of him. There was nothing there, so he took a step forward. He continued this method of moving forward until he could see light through the high window in another door directly in front of him. He moved up to the door and put his hands on it. There were no door handles, so Kris guessed it was a swinging door and he slowly pushed on it. It swung silently open and he passed through into the church sanctuary.

What Kris saw had him rooted to the spot. At the front of the sanctuary, standing on the dais surrounded by flickering candles, was a tall gray-haired man. He was wearing a silver vest that looked to be made of mesh. He also had on silver leather pants and boots. Framing him on either side was a pair of silver wings. The candlelight made the man glimmer like steel. The wings looked huge to Kris. He reached for the nearest pew and sat down. Then the man (being?) spoke.

"You've come to beg for your life back, Adam? It will do you no good. If I were to do that, I would lose my life. Or should I say, your old life. I'm having far too good a time to give it back to you. You were such an easy mark, far too trusting, far too easy to manipulate." The creature's voice sounded like the voice of doom.

Kris had almost forgotten why he was here until he saw a shadow move off to his left . It was the dark stranger he had followed. He had taken off his long coat and now that Kris' eyes had adjusted to the darkness, he could see that the man, Adam, also had wings - big black wings. He was also wearing a mesh top, black of course. Adam stepped into the circle of the candlelight and the radiance shining off his black wings and hair made them seem iridescent. He became ethereal, unearthly, seemingly only tenuously bound to the ground he stood on.

"I have come to beg for nothing, Owen," he said. "I've come to let you know that I will not go down without a fight. Only one of us will leave here tonight." That was all the warning Owen got. With just a simple flick of his wing tips, Adam sent a wave of energy toward Owen. It knocked the silver creature on his back. Adam didn't give him a chance to get up. He flicked his wings a bit more and the energy enveloped Owen, seeming to steal his breath for a moment before he was able to rally.

"I always knew you were stronger than I. That's why I had to fight dirty in order to overcome you." Energy again flew from Adam's wings. His nemesis rolled head over heels to the back of the dais. Owen made an admirable attempt to slow Adam down. He sent a ball of energy from his own wings - toward Kris! Kris gasped as it hit him. He went down on his knees, gasping for breath. Adam never looked at Kris.

"Owen, leave the human alone. He has nothing to do with either one of us. He is not a part of this fight." Adam gathered himself to blast Owen again when Owen spoke.

"He made himself a part of this fight when he followed you here. You know that he is but a human and that it will only take one more hit from me to kill him. You cannot finish me off before I can end him. Stop now and save the human, or watch me kill him before you kill me. Can your conscience bear that burden for the rest of eternity? I think not." Owen laughed, a harsh, grating sound like chains rattling in a cemetery.

Adam glanced back at Kris, who was on his hands and knees, still breathless and very weak. Adam whirled back to face his enemy. "Owen, you cannot do this! He is a mere mortal. To use him as a pawn in your wicked game is unforgivable. Let him go and let us fight this out, just the two of us!"

"Not a chance! I need an advantage to gain the upper hand and this mortal is it. Of course, you can let him die. He's just one pitiful human among billions. He's not worth that much to you or to anyone. Then you can finish our fight and regain your rightful position. It's your choice, Adam. Make it now!" Owen began to gather energy in his wings in preparation for the coup de grace on Kris.

Adam stepped quickly between Owen and Kris. "All right, Owen. You win. Leave the mortal. Take my life instead. I will do nothing to stop you. You have my word" A small bolt of energy left Adam's wings and enveloped Kris. He immediately felt back to normal, better than normal, even. He stood and moved toward Adam, somehow thinking he could stop what was coming.

"Adam, don't do this! Owen is right. I'm only human and I'm not worth all that much. You are worth so much more than I am. Don't let this...this fiend take your life. He can't win. He deserves to die. Not you." Adam turned those piercing blues eyes on Kris. Kris was mesmerized.

"Thank you, Kristopher Allen, but I gave Owen my word and I will not go back on it. I also believe that humans are just as valuable, if not more so, than angels. It is my job to watch over you, to keep you safe, no matter what. Please leave now. You do not need to watch this. Just remember this night and continue to make your life count for good." Adam turned back to Owen. "Once you've regained your strength, you may do what you will. I will not fight back."

Kris moved back to the and stood, clinging to the back of it. He could not leave Adam to die alone. Tears were running down his cheeks. He watched as, over and over again, Owen sent those blasts of energy from the tips of his wings to engulf Adam. Adam stood straight and proud for as long as he could, until the attacks sapped his strength and he fell to his knees, head bowed. To Kris, it seemed that Owen was taking pleasure in torturing Adam and was using less powerful bolts of energy to prolong Adam's suffering.

The end came slowly and without a sound. Adam never made a noise the entire time Owen was stealing the life from him. Once Adam was lying on the floor, it was hard to tell when the end actually came. However, Owen seemed to know. He suddenly stopped his attack, walked over to Adam and bent down. He stood back up and kicked his enemy's body, then walked to the door. He paused beside Kris and sneered, "Thank your lucky stars that I'm in a good mood now that he's gone, or I would kill you just for the fun of it." He swept out of the church and Kris could hear the front door bang shut.

He hurried over to Adam's body. The wings and the ebony hair had lost their luster. They no longer shown like rainbows in the candlelight. The brilliant blue eyes were now dim, barely shining. Adam was barely alive and fading fast. Kris sobbed and pulled Adam into his arms. "Adam, why did do this? I don't deserve your sacrifice! Please! Don't go. There must be something I can do...something someone can save you."

Adam spoke in a low voice, "What's done is done. Owen may not be as magically strong as I am, but he has powerful friends. That is how he was able to steal my position and get me kicked out of Heaven. It is up to the others he has wronged to fight him now. I have no regrets for what has happened here tonight. You are worth my life. Always remember that." Adam then fell silent and the only way Kris knew he still lived was by his shallow breathing.

Kris rocked back and forth, singing and sobbing. Kris lost track of time. He suddenly noticed through the church windows that dawn was breaking. As the sun rose higher, light came through the stained glass window and cast a kaleidoscope of colors across the two in the sanctuary. Adam's breathing stopped and he began fading away. "NO!" Kris screamed. "NO! Don't take him away from me! I need more time. Please, just a little more time!" he pleaded on a sob. But no more time was given to him. In minutes, Adam was gone. Kris was left in the sanctuary, alone and sobbing. A single black feather was all that was left of Adam.

After two more hours of sitting on the floor, Kris finally ran out of tears. He rose to his feet, picked up the feather and unsteadily made his way out of the church. It was a long walk home. Images of Owen ravaging Adam with his life-sapping energy ran through Kris's head. When Kris finally reached his apartment, he fell into bed and slept for over twelve hours. When he woke up, it all came crashing back in on him. Kris knew he could no longer stay here, in this apartment, in this city. He needed to get out now. He needed to make his life count, to do something with it that would be worthy of Adam's sacrifice. He had no idea what that was, but he was pretty sure directing local musical theater wasn't it.

Six years later, Kris was living in Washington, D.C. He was the director of a non-profit organization that helped critically ill patients of all ages obtain the medical supplies they needed, including medications. Their reason for existence was to ease the suffering of these patients and make sure they didn't have to worry about how they were going to pay for their treatments. The name of the organization was Angels of Life.

Kris was married to a wonderful woman name Katy. Kris had told her about what had happened to him at the church in Los Angeles. She believed him and realized how much it had effected his life. They had a four-year-old son named Adam. Kris had not given up on music, either. He wrote music and sang in the church choir, as well as at a local club every Friday and Saturday night. He had sold several of his songs, one of which had won a Grammy. That one had been called "Give You Life." Kris knew he would never forget Adam's sacrifice. He felt he was now doing what he should to make himself worthy of that sacrifice. He was also happy and he knew that was because he could feel Adam every day in his life, a soft, gentle presence that was just there, a presence that was pleased with what Kris had done with the gift he had been given. A single black feather sat behind glass in a mahogany frame on the wall in his office.


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