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Foster Dad John has a new batch of kittens that are just about ready for Adoption Day. It will probably be next weekend. They are 7 weeks and 2 days old, almost 2 pounds, and healthy. Those are the three requirements for getting them fixed, then adopted.

He has a new trick up his sleeve. He has an app on his iPad called Games for Cats. He has been letting the kittens play with it. The game he usually lets them play is just a mouse that moves around the pad and when the kittens put their paw on it, it squeaks. Here are a couple of pictures of them playing with it.

Here are all four kittens trying to catch the mouse. The all grey kitten on the left is Taz. Beside him is his sister, Penelope. To her right is Sylvester and across from her is the fourth kitten, Marvin.

 photo KittensPlayingwiPad_zps8f648ce7.jpg

Penny got bored and went and climbed in John's lap. On the tree beside him is the mom, Hazel. Taz is standing on the iPad and every time the mouse moves under one of his paws, it squeaks. They love the game.
 photo KittensPlayingwiPad2_zpsa2713175.jpg

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Oh my goodness..I remember when they were born. Another litter grown up so fast.


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