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Yesterday, I ate the last of the chicken I had. I was down to no food at all. I had also run out of three of my meds a few days ago. So I went to Wal Mart and wrote them a check dated for tomorrow, the 3rd (when my disability check gets deposited in my checking account). I also had to get gas and I paid for that with a check dated for the 3rd. I am hoping they don't get put through the system until tomorrow. But at least now I have food and my meds.

My doctor and I had discussed me having a nutrition consult with the dietician at the medical care complex where her office is. The dietician called me and I have an appointment to see her next month. But I needed to call my insurance and see if it was covered and if there was a co-pay. Hallelujah! It's covered with NO co-pay! I know I've lost weight this month since I haven't eaten nearly as much as I usually do, so I hope she can give me some tips to keep it up, and some simple meal ideas. I'm not a cook at all and right now, my back hurts too much to stand up for long. I need to lose at least 100 pounds. I'll feel better about myself, my knees and back won't hurt as much and my breathing will be much better. So, wish me luck.

Oh, and I was lucky enough to get one of the new carts in Wal Mart and it took me all over the store with no problem and no crapping out on me. :D

Real Food

4/6/13 10:00 pm
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Walmart screwed me over again with the electric carts twice this week. First, on Wed, then yesterday. I truly need to start eating healthier, a LOT healthier than I have been. My weight is creeping up and that is making it hard for me to walk and to breathe. It's also causing me to retain water, which effects my heart and breathing. So, I was looking for chicken and hamburger, fresh fruit and veggies and cereal.

So, after another incident at Walmart on Wed with a dying electric cart and no help from one of the managers - Matt, I left after picking up my prescriptions.

On Thursday, I went to Price Chopper and lucked into a sale on both chicken thighs and pork strips. Big packages for a small price. I finally got around to putting the individual pieces of meat into freezer bags and putting them in the freezer. I now have a freezer full of 12 meals of pork and 11 of chicken. I've been scouring the internet for easy ways to cook them, so I feel pretty good right now.

However, I had to go back to Walmart yesterday for another prescription. You guessed it. The cart died. Fortunately, I had already picked up the cat food and litter. It died just as I left the pharmacy. One of the cashiers at the pharmacy went to see if she could find another one, but no luck. The Pharmacist herself called for help. Guess who came? Matt. He told me there was nothing he could do besides getting me a wheelchair cart or a regular cart and when I told him I couldn't use either, he said he was sorry and walked away, leaving me sitting there on a dead cart. Asshat.
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For about a week now my one tooth has been hurting. It's broken off at the gum line and has been for several months. But it hasn't hurt me at all until just now. It's almost 6am here and I still haven't been to bed because I'm in too much pain. I've been living on aspirin and sleeping for four or five hours at a time, but it is getting worse and now I'm pretty sure it's infected. It hurts to touch my cheek. The whole right side of my head hurts, from my nose around to the back of my head. I have an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday and a dentist's appointment on Wednesday. I'm going to talk to my doctor on Tuesday and see if I need X-rays and an antibiotic.

So, while I was awake and not able to sleep, I decided to go to WalMart and do my grocery shopping. It was about 2:30am and it was great. There was almost no one else in there, although I was surprised by the number of people who were in there. The only problem was that they were doing major shelf stocking and they had palettes of stuff all over the place, so sometimes it was hard to get down an aisle, but other than that, it was fantastic. I may do my shopping in the wee hours more often.

Now, if I could only get some sleep. *sigh*


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