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I had to go to Wally World today to get a prescription filled and get the cats more food. On my way to Walmart, I pass the "mall" (it's one floor and has maybe 25 stores in it). On my way back past the mall, I noticed a guy out front twirling a sign. Traffic was slow, so I got a good look at him and the sign. The sign was about the size of a piece of poster board and it said "Liberty Tax" on it. It had a short stick stuck to the back so he could twirl it. The guy was dressed like the Statue of Liberty, same color and everything. I guess they have a new store, at least for tax season. I nearly peed myself laughing. You couldn't pay me enough to stand out there in that outfit for hours in 20 degree weather.
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I went to WalMart to pick up some meds and to do some grocery shopping. I picked up TWO prescriptions. They were both inhalers and cost me over $200. I had ordered a third one that cost $50, but I canceled that one. It's for Flonase, a nasal spray. I got a bottle of saline nasal spray, store brand for like $1.50 instead. I also got some Guaifenesin, which acts similar to Mucinex. I woke up this morning with some congestion and was coughing a lot more than usual. I think the dust the cleaning guys stirred up, plus the chemicals they used made my asthma kick in.

Then I went to the grocery section and was done with my shopping and decided I should go to the bathroom before I tried to drive home. I headed to the one in the back of the store and...Wait for it...MY CART STARTED TO DIE! The guy stocking the eggs said, "I think that cart's starting to die." I said, yep, it is. He told me the bathrooms back there close at 6:00 anyway. It was about 7:30. He said he would go get me another one. If you turn the cart off and wait a minute, it has a bit more power, so I headed up to meet him. Another guy doing some stocking gave me a ride instead. I pressed the forward lever and he pushed the cart - fast. WHEE! We almost mowed down a couple of pedestrians, but it was a fun ride. He then proceeded to go get me a regular cart and loaded it with my groceries as the guy rang them up (that guy liked my hair). He was fantastic. Best customer service ever. :)

I am now drinking a beer. Samuel Adams Boston Lager. I've never had it before but it's good!

I seriously am going to call WalMart corporate headquarters and complain. This is ridiculous. This is the fourth time in a row that I've had at least one cart die on me in the middle of the store.
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Went shopping in WalMart today. I had to wait for the associate to go get me an electric cart. Then I went right around the corner to the Pharmacy counter and picked up my prescription. I made it all the way to the other side of the store, got dry and wet cat food and some soda when the cart started beeping that the battery was low. I almost made it to the front where the carts are on that side of the store, but had to push with my feet the last few yards. I got a new one and the cart guy and I were transferring my stuff from the old cart to the new one when a young woman came up to me and said, "Excuse me." She looked like she was in her late teens or early twenties. I had no idea who she was, but I said, "Yes?" Then she said, "I love your hair." Well, of course I felt like a million bucks and it made up for the sucky cart experience.

I am right now practically sitting on the floor. My office chair, which I have had for several years is giving up the ghost. The air is almost out of the pneumatic chair holder-upper. I keep pushing the lever to raise the chair and and soon as I sit down, it slowly sinks down to almost floor level. I guess I'm going to have to spring for a new one next month after I get my check.


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