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Callen leaned forward to rest his forehead on Nell's. Kensi and Deeks suddenly got the picture and with some hemming and hawing, decided they needed to go help Sam at the boat shed immediately. As they were leaving, Eric walked in. Hetty steered him upstairs to Ops, leaving Nell and Callen alone in her office.

"I was so afraid when Kensi said you'd been shot. All I could think was that I had lost you forever." She leaned up to kiss him and he kissed her back. "It takes more than some street punk with a 22 to kill me," Callen said when they pulled back. Nell laughed, a soft and breathless noise, almost soundless. Callen reached down and wiped the tears from her eyes. "No crying. I'm ok." He pulled her up onto his lap and kissed her again.

Nell knew now was the right time. She placed both of her hands on his cheeks and looked directly into his eyes. "G, I'm pregnant. I'm going to keep the baby." Callen looked back at Nell, expressionless. Time seemed to stand still and to speed up all at the same time. It seemed like an hour passed, but maybe only five seconds. Then Callen put his hands over Nell's and squeezed them.

"Of course you're going to keep our baby. That's not even a question. I love you and I'm pretty sure you love me. I'm going to love this baby and be the best father I can. If you want to get married before the baby is born, that's fine. If you want to wait until after it's born, I'm fine with that, too. If you don't ever want to get married, I'll be upset, but I'll respect your decision." He leaned in to kiss her again.

"G. Callen, are you asking me to marry you?" Nell asked, shocked. She had not expected this reaction from him.

"Yes, Nell Jones, will you marry me and raise our baby with me?"

Nell's eyes filled with tears again as she said, "Yes! Yes, I will marry you! The sooner, the better."

Applause greeted her answer. The two of them had been so caught up in each other that they hadn't realized that everyone else had returned and had heard Callen's proposal and Nell's acceptance. Nell, embarrassed, tried to jump up from Callen's lap, but he held her tight. "What are you all doing just standing there?" he demanded. "Somebody go get some champagne to celebrate our engagement and our baby. Nell, you can only have one sip, though."

Kensi ran off and came back with a half-bottle of champagne from who-knows-where. Glasses were poured and toasts given. Then Hetty sent Callen and Nell home. They went to Nell's apartment after getting Chinese food, which Nell had a craving for. Nell grabbed two plates and they sat at the kitchen table eating in silence as they exchanged quick looks.

After dinner, they cuddled up on the couch and really started to talk about their future. They decided they would get married as soon as possible. They also decided that they wanted Hetty to perform the ceremony. She was qualified, of course. The final date would be determined by how soon Nell's family could make the trip. They would ask Kensi and Sam to stand up as their witnesses. Deeks and Eric would be their only other guests. The ceremony would be outdoors at a nearby park.

They also discussed the baby and where they would live after the wedding. Nell's apartment would do to start with, but they both wanted a place that was their own, so they would go house hunting after the wedding. They wanted a house with a yard for their child to play in.

Everything came together smoothly and quickly. Kensi went with Nell to find a dress. Nell's family insisted on paying for the flowers, the cake and the chair rental, as well as the reception hall and catering. One month after Callen proposed, Nell Jones walked down the aisle in the park to the flower-decorated gazebo and married G. Callen.

Four months later, Callen and Nell put a down payment on a house with a big backyard. Ten weeks after that, Nell gave birth to a seven pound, eight ounce baby boy. They named him Gabriel Eli Callen.

LJ Sucks!

5/16/13 01:33 pm
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Apparently LJ went down for maintenance for one node out of 23 yesterday evening. They said it would be down 4-5 hours. I was up at 7am and it was still down. That's around 12 hours. Then they said that there was a second node down as well. THEN they said that the first one was back up and it would take about 1 hour to get the second one back up. That's been 6 hours ago now and it's still not back up. I logged on with my second account and found out that it's on the node that supposedly was down to begin with. I could log on before they said it was fixed. I still can't log on with my [personal profile] jeweledvixen account. Everyone is having major problems in areas that aren't supposed to have problems. ::throws hands up:: Who the hell knows!

Any way, I put my downtime to good use and did one and a half Tony's Tuesday Reviews. I'm all set with them for this case now. I did a pic spam for one and finished up icons for the other one. I'm feeling pretty good about that.

I'm also looking forward to this new type of Bingo on [community profile] ncis_verse. It's a whole lot different and I'm looking forward to seeing how it works. :)
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Come join us in [community profile] ncis_verse. It is a challenge community that centers around the NCIS and NCIS:LA television shows. We have a lot of fun competing on teams. This is Case 7 and the two teams are TEAM DC and TEAM LA. If you decide to join, tell them I sent you. I'm on TEAM LA. Just click on the picture below to go to [community profile] ncis_verse and check us out.


[community profile] ncis_verse

8/2/12 01:16 am
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It's that time again - the next case is beginning at [community profile] ncis_verse!!!

If you love NCIS and/or NCIS: LA, and you love to do puzzles, write or do graphics, click on the picture and check out [community profile] ncis_verse.

We have sooooo much fun. If you decide to join, tell them that I sent you.

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If you like NCIS and/or NCIS:LA and would also like to compete with and against other fans in a bunch of different types of games, come check us out! Just click on the banner to find the Mini Round. Have fun and if you decide to join, tell them [personal profile] jeweledvixen sent you! I'm on Team Lab


*This is open to everyone! NCIS_VERSE and NON NCIS_VERSE members as well! So tell ALL your friends!
*You are not required to do every challenge! Come and go as you please.
*There are no teams. It is you against everyone else!
*There will be a fair display of what sort of challenges we do in a normal case of NCIS_VERSE.
*This is the PERFECT chance to test us out!
*Award banners to the top points earners!
*General comm rules apply... no bashing, no hate, follow each challenges rules.


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