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I went to bed fairly early last night (early this morning) because the internet was incredibly slow and I kept getting error messages. I got up this morning and it wouldn't work at all. I checked the internet box and the correct lights weren't flashing. I checked the phone, nothing. I checked the tv, nothing. So, I called Time Warner. Robo-woman told me there was an outage in my area and the techs were working on it.

About 15 minutes ago, the TW truck came and the guy went down in the basement. He just left and I'M BACK ON LINE! I HAVE PHONE AND TV. I'm psyched.

I have come to realize that I have an extreme lack of pictures of the NCIS characters on this computer. I was going to work on the What I Do challenge and I don't have enough pics to do any. I did one yesterday, but I need more pics for the other two. I will be downloading them shortly.

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I was not ready to go gently into that good internet night, so I called Time Warner back. I was on hold for over an hour before I finally got to a real live person. Glad I don't work there. Those service techs are busy! Anyway, I finally got to to someone in billing, not collections and she said that if I paid $54.22, I won't be cut off tomorrow.

However, she had to send me to an automated thingy to make the actual payment. The autotech told me to allow 24 hours for processing of my payment. Soooooo...I still might get cut off, but I can use my cell phone to call them and give them my confirmation number and they should turn it back on almost immediately. Then, on the 12th, my January bill will be due and I'll need to call back and see if I can skate by until February. I can pay considerably more in February, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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Because I have had to make a few unexpected payments in the last couple of months, like my dental surgery, getting my carpets cleaned, getting my car fixed, I fell behind on my Time Warner bill. I made a $75 payment today, but I just got a call that it's not enough to keep me from getting cut off tomorrow. I can't pay any more this month, so after today, I won't have any t.v.; telephone or internet.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be off line for at least two or three months before I'll be able to pay off my balance and get hooked back up. I'll be back on as soon as I can. Good-bye for now. Well, I'll be around a bit today, but after that, Good-bye.


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