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10/11/12 09:40 pm
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Things went well with my therapist today. She was surprised at the change in me in one week. She liked my hair and said I was so much brighter all around than last week, it was like a different person. We talked about the trash can saga, since she's the one who told me to order it from Staples. Then we talked about religion and she clued me in to a place right in the nearby "big city" that might have a lot to offer me. It's new-agey, so I'm a little leery until I know those places are legit. They have a web site, so I'm going to check them out. They offer yoga classes and I'd love to take a beginners class.

I'm a little concerned about the sudden turn-around in my mood, though. I've gone back on my med for what was possible bipolar with hypomania. That means I live in a depressive state most of the time and occasionally have periods of slightly elevated moods. In a "regular" bipolar person, the depressive and the manic states are polar opposites. They are either totally depressed or totally manic. I'm not. My manic states are like a good day for a normal person, so it's hard to diagnose bipolar with hypomania. I was the one who first suggested the diagnosis, but my doctor pooh-poohed the idea. Now, she's sure I was right. Sooooo, if I'm in a manic phase, will the med keep me up or will I crash again? I see that doctor on the 5th and I'm going to ask her. She doesn't know anything that has happened this past week, so we'll see.

Anyway, for now I'm going to try to relax and enjoy the up mood. I've gotten two stories written in two days for my Hurt/Comfort Bingo challenge. I might get all 25 stories done by next weekend. :D
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I feel unsettled. I feel at odds and ends. I don't feel like doing anything, not even sleeping. I start writing a story and give up after a paragraph or two. I play a game and get bored within 5 minutes. I managed to watch NCIS last night, but couldn't sit still for NCIS:LA. Tonight, I barely made it through Survivor. I'm sure it's left-over stress from the past week, plus that let down feeling you get after a big event has come and gone (like Thanksgiving dinner). I'm glad I see my therapist tomorrow. Hopefully she can give me some ideas on how to cope with it.

I'm going to play around on the computer a bit, then go to bed. I'm exhausted, but don't feel like sleeping, which is weird because I could be the Olympic sleeping champ. Talk to you all tomorrow.


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