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I had to do an overnight pulse ox study to see if my CPAP machine is still working for me the way it should by keeping me from waking up over and over due to lack of oxygen and/or snoring. My home care company is over an hour away, so they sent the pulse ox to me by Fed Ex and included a return sticker for me to put on the box so I could return it to them. All I had to do was call Fed Ex and they would pick it up at my apartment. I could have left it outside, but it was raining and besides, it's medical equipment and I didn't want anything to happen to it, so I chose to keep it inside and have them ring the door bell when they got there.

Only problem was, their range was somewhere between 8am and 8pm. (WTF?) So I got up at 7am yesterday and surfed around on the computer for a while. Then I went into the living room around 9:30 and did some reading. I fell asleep sometime before noon. When the door bell finally rang, it scared the snot out of me. I stumbled to the door, the guy scanned the box and took off. It was 4:45pm.

I live out in the sticks. There is no way this guy is going to show up before noon, so why make me get up at the crack of dawn (for me) and wait all day when you and I both know it's going to be late afternoon before he gets this far north?

Jeez, Time Warner came the other day and they gave me a time of between 9am and 10am and he was there shortly before 10. That's more like it.
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I couldn't sleep last night, so I was up after until 3:00. Then I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn (7:30) so I could get to my family doctor for an appointment at 9:20. I hadn't been in to see her since March. I had been seeing her every 3 months so she could keep an eye on everything I have going on. The nurse asked me if I wanted a flu shot, so I got one. Now my arm feels like the Hulk punched me.

She had a medical student with her today. She asked me what had been happening since March. Soooo, I told her the whole crazy story, cried, made her upset, made the student go awwwwww. Then, really quickly, she asked me how I was feeling otherwise, she listened to my lungs, checked the swelling in my feet and asked if I needed any prescription renewals. She ordered some blood work and that was it. I went down the hall to the lab and got the blood work done.

Then I went down the street to the Price Chopper and did my grocery shopping. I got some good bargains, so I felt good about that. I got home, unpacked the groceries, had lunch, then took a nap. I was woken up by my neighbor who shares walls with me. It's home improvement time! With a hammer! Oh, well. It was time to get up anyway. So, that was my day.


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