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The landlady came this afternoon to look at the apartment and she was very pleased with how it looked. It's such a relief. I've been so nervous, but she was fine with it. She's going to come back next month to check again. I have to call her tomorrow to set up a date and time. I want to know when she's coming, so I don't get a sudden surprise visit. So, things are going great with the apartment. I still need to get a Swiffer Wet Jet and a bagless vacuum to keep the floors looking good, but I'm optimistic about being able to keep up with things from now on. :)
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The Stanley Steemer guys got here about 11:00. I was wound right up because I hadn't had any sleep, plus I hate having strangers in my home messing with my belongings. I know that it had to be done, but my anxiety level on a scale of 1-10 was about a 22. I took two of my anti-anxiety pills while I was waiting for them to get here. They were only here for about an hour and a half, thank the gods. I just hate the idea of this type of thing because I just know they are looking at the mess and judging me for being a pig. I'm sure they've seen worse, but that does not make me feel any better about them invading my home and my privacy.

After they left, I ate lunch, then dragged the stuff back out of my bedroom that I had put in there to get it out of their way in the living room and the office. Finally I could get some sleep. I slept for about six hours. I had set the clock for 7pm and woke up at 6:58.

I got up and did some writing for a while. Then, as expected, I got a phone call at 8:30 from the Human Rights Commission. At first it was an automated message from Cyndi Lauper about the importance of this election. Then I was hooked into the conference call. It lasted about 40 minutes. It was about the importance of this election to the LGBT community.

I just finished supper and now I'm hanging out trying to destress. The cats were shut in the bedroom while the guys were here. They are, of course, out of captivity now and not sure what to make of the new smells. Poor things are as traumatized as I am.
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Last night was our Samhain celebration. I had a fantastic time. We had an Ancestors Supper where we had an altar set up for the ancestors (ours and all ancestors who have blazed trails for us, made the world what it is today). We each filled out an invitation with the names of all our own ancestors that we would like to invite to the feast and the ritual. We filled a plate with food and put it on the Ancestors altar as their feast. Then we ate ourselves. After eating and talking for a little while, we had the ritual which honored the ancestors, the Goddess Ceridwen and the God Cernunnos, both Celtic deities.

After the ritual, we just sat around eating the desserts and talking and laughing. We are quite the bunch and we got one woman laughing so hard she was actually crying and her stomach hurt. We had a great time. I really needed an evening like that.

I got home around 1am. It's almost 9am and I haven't been to sleep yet. Stanley Steemer is coming today to do the carpets and I had some last minute moving and rearranging of stuff before they get here. I tried to lay down and was going to take a four hour nap, but after 45 minutes, I gave up and got back up. Now I'm waiting for them to call and let me know they are on their way. I can't wait for them to get here and get done. Then I can go get some sleep!
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After I went round and round with UPS and Staples yesterday, Staples finally assured me that my trash can would be delivered on Thursday. Great!

Today, I'm totally exhausted, but for some unknown reason, I was up at 7:45. I did this and that and had lunch, then decided I was sleepy enough to take a nap. I was just about asleep when the doorbell rang. I ignored it. I figured it was some political activist or the religious nutjob who comes by on a monthly basis and leaves me a flyer.

The door bell rang again, so I got up, mumbling, "This better be worth it!" It was my trash can delivery! But not by UPS. It was some dude in a rusty old white van with no logo of any kind on the side. I figure that Staples must have sent this guy an hour and a half from the nearest Staples store just to bring me that dang trash can. Poor guy. But at least I have my can. :D
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Last Thursday I ordered a 32-gallon trash can from Staples. I had to buy the lid separately. :/ When I got my confirmation e-mail from Staples, the only thing on there was the lid. I called back and they said UPS wouldn't deliver something that big to the Post Office. Background - I live within a quarter-mile radius of the post office, so I do not get mail delivered to my apartment. It is considered an undeliverable address. UPS uses the USPS list of addresses to deliver their packages. ::Eye roll::

So, I canceled the lid, since it didn't do me any good without the trash can. On Monday, UPS delivered the lid TO MY HOUSE.

Today, I went round three, four and maybe five with, alternately, UPS, Staples, UPS and Staples again. UPS insisted they could deliver the trash can to my door. Staples insisted it was to big according to their contract with UPS. After over two hours on the phone, I will be getting my trash can delivered to my door on Thursday! At least I already have a lid for it - free of charge, since I canceled the order last week and the lady said go ahead and keep it. WHEW!

Good News

10/9/12 02:15 pm
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The landlady was here and liked how I had worked so hard and bagged up all the trash. I just cleaned the litter box last night, so the kitchen still smells like cat. She wasn't happy with that. I also didn't get the floors done. I don't have a vacuum, but I told her I was going to get Stanley Steemer in to do the floors after all the trash is out. The garbage men don't like to take too many bags at a time - two or three, so it's going to be about 3 or 4 weeks before the trash is all out. But I'm going to mop the kitchen floor and get rubber mats for the litter box and the cat food and water dishes. Hopefully that will cut down on the cat smell. I'm also getting a better odor control litter. This last one was on sale and it sucked!

Anyway, I have three more weeks before she comes back to check again. I CAN DO THIS!!! I AM DETERMINED TO GET MY LIFE BACK!!! I WANT IT AND I DESERVE IT!!!


Almost There

10/9/12 01:48 am
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It's almost 2am and I'm exhausted. The kitchen was worse than I ever imagined. It took me three tries to get it somewhere near passable. I had to keep sitting down and resting to catch my breath and to rest my back. I'm sore and falling asleep at the computer, so I'm going to bed now. The landlady isn't coming until 2:00, so I'm going to get up around ten-ish and finish what I can. I hope it's enough. At least the kitties are happy with their brand-spankin' clean littler box.

Reward Time!

10/8/12 01:03 am
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Sooooo...I just bagged 5 big bags of trash one after the other and the office is essentially done. Now I am rewarding myself with some delicious Red Velvet Cake ice cream. Mmmmmm...

Then I'm going to bed so I can get up and finish this mess tomorrow. :)
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Things are getting better - slowly. I have started cleaning things up and I can actually see daylight and an end in sight. This encourages me to keep going.

I also went today and picked up my meds, so I have all of them that I need and I have taken them all today like I'm supposed to.

I'm still very emotional and cry at the drop of a hat, but all the wonderful encouragement you all have given me has helped tremendously. I'm not sure I would have kept going without it. Thank you all so much.


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