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Happy May Day Everyone!

I was sitting here working on my A Softer World challenge for [community profile] ncis_verse when I heard kids voices outside, a lot of them. They come around a couple of times a year from the school just down the street. They are the grade school kids, ages 7-11 or so. I knew they were going to be ringing my doorbell, but couldn't figure out why. Then it dawned on me. IT'S MAY DAY! They make up little May Day gifts to give the people and go around and deliver them. This year it is a piece of colored paper with a flower pot on it and a flower in it. It's all made of paper and foam. It says Happy May Day. They all yelled "Happy May Day!" when I opened the door. It was a nice way to start the day. :)

Yesterday I Googled a business here in town to see where it is located. A map came up on the Google search, so I clicked on it. It was one of those maps that are actual pictures of the area. After I found the business, I decided, just for fun, so see my apartment on the map. Sure enough, there it was, along with my car sitting right there in front of it. It was kind of weird seeing my apartment and my car on a map that anyone can find on the internet. I know they have those maps of NYC, Paris, Sydney and all the big cities, but it's strange to see that they've finally gotten around to Nowhere, NY, population 23.
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We had our Yuletide celebration this afternoon/evening. We had a great time. The ritual was uplifting and energizing. Then we had lasagna and subs. An odd combo, I know, but our fearless leader's boyfriend decided to make lasagna at the last minute, and she had already ordered the subs, so there you go. The lasagna was amazing. Cary is a fantastic cook.

After that, most of us stayed around the kitchen table and talked and laughed, while the men folk watched the Giants/Ravens game. The Giants lost, so they are out of the play-offs this year. >:(

After the game was over, we had tiramisu, which was also fantastic. Then we exchanged gifts. I got the softest blanket ever. It has a winter scene on it with a fox. It's gorgeous.

I was a little upset all day, though because after I stopped at the toll booth to get my ticket, my cruise control light started flashing and the cruise control wouldn't work. Then the "check engine" light came on. Bugger! It did the same thing all the way home, too. Now I have to wait until next week to get it looked at and see what is wrong. I hope it's nothing major. It's always an adventure going to Albany, one way or another.


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