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Birthdate:Jul 2, 1958
My babies - Ruffles and Coco

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Come join us in [community profile] ncis_verse. It is a challenge community that centers around the NCIS and NCIS:LA television shows. We do all kinds of challenges from graphics to writing to fan mixes and more. If you decide to join, tell them I sent you. Just click on the picture below to go to [community profile] ncis_verse and check us out.


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Case 6 Winner

Case 6 Survived

Merit Badges Earned in Case 6 - NCIS Verse:

A member who always gets the job done, no matter what For those quietly awesome members many overlook, but who consistently participate and support Team Lab in their own way. Earn 400 points in Case 6 Earn 400 points in Case 6 Earn 200 points in Case 6 Earn 100 points in Case 6 Complete 5 challenges in a row in  Cawe 6 Pimp NCIS_Verse for Case 6 Making a social post in the Lab

L.J. Gibbs Badge; Lab Rat Badge; Supervisory Field Agent; Senior Field Agent; Junior Field Agent; Probie; Finished 5 Challenges in a Row; Pimped NCIS_Verse; Made a Social Post in the Lab

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