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Title - Who Are You?
Prompt - Body/Mind Swap
Fandom - Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
Rating - G
Word Count - 4189
Summary - Adam is near the end of a grueling 5 month tour and while on stage, he sees a gorgeous brown-eyed man in the audience. He wishes he were that man with an ordinary life. Kris is that man in the audience. He wishes he could be a rock star like Adam. Sometimes wishes do come true.
Author’s Note - The title is from a song by the Who.

Kris dressed with care tonight. Adam Lambert was in Little Rock for a show in his Hold on to Me Tour. Kris had been a fan of Adam's since he first saw him on Idol five years ago. He had seen Adam in concert twenty-three times over the years and each time was like the first time. He was always swept away by Adam's voice and his sheer presence. He also had a massive crush on Adam. So, Kris always dressed his best. Of course, his best was vintage Kris - plaid shirt, skinny jeans and his good sneakers. Tonight he picked out black jeans and a blue and purple plaid shirt. He did his best to tame his hair, but, as usual, he finally gave up and left it the way it was. Kris jumped into his car and drove to the concert hall. He always bought one of the best seats available and was in the fifth row back, near the center. A perfect view of the stage and his Idol.

Adam was in his dressing room putting on his makeup. He had been on tour for five months straight and was exhausted. He still had another month to go before he was done and could take a break. He was going directly to Cabo and lie on the beach for two or three weeks as soon as the tour was over. He dressed for the first part of the show and then grabbed his water bottle and went out to the back of the stage, waiting for his cue to go on. He sighed. He knew that as soon as the show started, he would be fine, he would throw himself into his performance and get that energy exchange with the audience, but right now, at this moment, he wanted to be anywhere but here. The stage manager gave him his cue and he ran out onto the stage.

Kris was in heaven. The concert was the best one he'd been to yet. Adam was simply amazing. Kris watched him in fascination. Man, he thought, what must it be like to be Adam Lambert? To be up there on stage singing like that, commanding the stage, to have all those adoring fans screaming and dancing, yelling that they loved him? He got to travel from city to city and see the entire country. Heck, the entire world! All the interviews he got to do, pictures of him all over the internet. Kris wished he could change places with Adam, just for a little while. He wanted to know what it was like to actually be his idol.

Adam was singing Better Than I Know Myself just then, sitting on the steps of the set, mic in his hands, letting the emotion of the song flow through him. As he stood up, he caught a pair of deep brown eyes looking at him, mesmerized. The belonged to a handsome young man with tousled brown hair and a crooked smile. He was wearing a plaid shirt. Something about him captured Adam's attention. He wondered what it would be like to be that young man, enjoying a concert, living a normal life. No interviews to do, no shows to perform, no media hounding him, no paparazzi following him everywhere. No living on a bus for months at a time. He wished he could be that man, just for a while.

As Adam finished the song, the room began to spin, but he stood still. The lights became brighter, the audience seemed to fade...Kris felt the room move - it was spinning. No, he was moving, not the room...Adam held onto the mic for dear life, but it just disappeared from his hand as the stage whirled out from under his feet...Kris was looking down at the people in front of him. He was looking at a sea of faces and he held a microphone in his hand - a glittery, black mic...Adam found himself in the audience looking up at himself up on the stage...Kris could see himself in the fifth row back, staring at...he looked down and found himself wearing a pair of skin-tight leather pants, knee-high leather boots that laced up the sides and a glittery black tank top...Adam looked down to see he was dressed like the man in plaid...Both men stared at each other until Tommy stepped up beside Adam, uh, Kris and quietly said, "Hey, man, you gonna do the next song or what?"

Kris had no idea if he would be able to sing like Adam or if it would be his own voice that came out. But he absolutely did not want to let his idol down. Besides, this was his chance to be Adam Lambert. He knew that the list of songs was taped to the floor so he stepped up to it and looked to see what the next song was. There were only two more before the encore. He glanced at Tommy and nodded. The band started, Kris opened his mouth and Adam's voice came out. Kris started out a little hesitantly, but soon got into the song and started imitating Adam, strutting around the stage and putting his own spin on the song. Kris was half-way through the song when it dawned on him that at this moment in time, he was a rock star. He was up on stage singing to thousands of adoring fans. He got caught up in the feeling and finished the song to screams and whistles from the audience.

When the song was over, Kris came back down to Earth and looked out at himself/Adam in the audience. He was staring at Kris in amazement. Kris did the last song, then left the stage briefly before the encore. While he was off stage for that moment, he snagged one of the bodyguards and told him to bring the guy in the fifth row dressed in plaid to his dressing room after the show. The bodyguard smiled knowingly, and with a wink, assured Kris that he would. Kris went back out onto the stage to do the encore. It was all over before he knew it and the band was heading offstage, high-fiving and celebrating another fantastic show. Kris joined in, but headed for his dressing room...wait. Where was his dressing room? He grabbed one of the venue staff and asked him. The guy gave him an odd look, but told him. "Thanks," Kris said. "I go to so many different places I get confused sometimes." The guy nodded and Kris hurried to the dressing room. He got a bottle of water from the small fridge and took several big gulps. He was sweating and his mind was turning in all directions. He sat down and took off the boots. His feet were killing him. How did Adam do an entire show in those things? He was gulping more water when there was a knock on the door. He jumped up and hurried over to answer it. It was the bodyguard with Kris, uh, Adam. Kris thanked the bodyguard and practically shut the door in his face, then locked the door. He could hear the guard snickering through the door.

"What the heck is going on? One minute I'm enjoying your show, the next minute, I'm you! I'm up on the stage being you! Then I see myself out in the audience and I figure that must really be you, not me. You are Adam Lambert, right? So what happened?" Man, it was strange to talk and hear Adam Lambert's voice come out instead of his own. Kris dropped down on the couch and heaved a huge sigh. "I'm so confused right now. I'm you, but I'm still me."

Adam threw himself into the chair and draped one leg over the arm. Man, Kris thought, that just looked wrong when Adam looked like him. Kris couldn't pull off that casual sexiness. "I have no more idea than you do, who ever you are!" Adam stated. "I was up on stage and I saw you in the audience. I wondered what it would be like to be you, just living a normal life. The song ended and suddenly everything swirled around and I was in the audience and I was you. Damn, it sounds weird hearing myself talking and not having my own voice come out."

Kris gasped. "I was doing the same thing during that song! Wondering what it would be like to be you up there on the stage with all those adoring fans screaming for you. Then, suddenly, like you said, everything whirled around me and I was up on the stage and I was you. I'm Kris Allen, by the way. I'm nobody, just a huge fan of yours."

"Ok, Kris Allen," Adam said. "I don't know what's going on here, but I need liquor, lots of it. Let's go back to my hotel room and figure out how we got into this mess and how we're going to get out of it."

With Adam's help, Kris got the makeup off his face and then he changed into jeans and a t-shirt. He did a quick meet and greet with Adam standing right next to him. Then they got into the hired car and the driver took them to the Capital Hotel in downtown Little Rock. Adam had a suite reserved there for the night. Kris was comfortable enough in the jeans and t-shirt, but Adam was appalled to be wearing a plaid flannel shirt and Chucks. He took off the sneakers and sock-footed. Then he rummaged through his luggage and grabbed his Queen t-shirt to put on, even though it was too big on him. Then he went to the wet bar and poured himself a vodka on the rocks. "You want a drink, Kris?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'll have a beer."

Adam brought two glasses over to the sitting area along with the bottle of vodka and a six pack of beer for Kris. He dropped down on the couch, tucking his legs underneath him, facing Kris who had assumed pretty much the same position on the other end of the couch. "I think we can assume that somehow our wishing to be the other person is the key to what happened to us," Adam said. "How long it will last, or how we can undo this, I have no idea. If you do, let me know." The two of them sat there sipping their drinks and thinking.

Adam pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, then realized it wasn't his. "Hey, here's your phone. What did you do with mine?" he asked, handing Kris the phone.

"I don't know. What did you do with it before the show? I wasn't thinking about cell phones when I was in the dressing room."

Adam padded over to his luggage and rummaged through the duffle bag he had taken to the theater with him earlier. He finally found the phone and came back over to the sitting area. He paced as he called someone on the phone. "Lane? It's Adam. I really need to see you in my room as soon as possible. Yes, I know I sound funny. I'll tell you about that when you get here. Please, hurry." He hung up and poured himself another glass of vodka and sat down. The two men sat in silence while they waited for Adam's personal assistant to get there. As soon as there was a knock on the door, Adam jumped up and hurried to answer it. He threw open the door and pulled Lane into the room, shutting the door behind her and locking it. He turned around just in time for Lane to slap him in the face.

"I have no idea who you are, but you have no right to touch me, let alone yank me around!" Lane informed him. "I should call security and have you arrested for assault."

"Lane," Adam said, "it's me, Adam!" Lane snorted.

"Of course it is!" She looked across the room at Kris who was standing by the sofa. "Adam, who is this and what the hell is going on?"

"L-lane, you better come over and sit down. This is going to be almost impossible to explain," Kris said and gestured to one of the chairs near the sofa. "My name is Kris, Kris Allen. Honest." Lane side-eyed both men warily and slowly walked over to the chair, not taking her eyes off them. She refused to sit down until they did. When they were all seated, with Lane a safe distance away from Adam and Kris, Adam started explaining.

"Lane, I know this sounds crazy." Lane snorted again. "Something happened during the concert tonight. Right after I sang Better Than I Know Myself. I was looking out at the audience and I saw Kris in one of the front rows looking up at me. I wondered what it would be like to be him for a little while - not to have to live on a bus, not to have to put up with the media, not to have to be 'on' all the time, just to have a normal life, just for a month or so. He was thinking that he would like to be me up there on stage, performing every night, having all the screaming fans around, having the media hang on your every word, live like a rock star. Suddenly, everything spun around and we changed places. Suddenly I was Kris and Kris was me. We don't know why this happened or how long it'll last, or if it's permanent. Can you help us figure this out?"

Lane stared at the men silently for what seemed to them like twenty minutes. Finally, she started laughing. "Ok, guys. You got me! Good one! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm tired and I'm going to go to bed." She stood up and headed for the door.

"Wait!" both Kris and Adam shouted in tandem. "Don't go," Adam continued, "We're dead serious here and have no idea what to do. Please. Help us." Lane turned back around and stared at them again.

"Adam, what city were we in when you fell off your platform boots just before you went on stage?"

"Boston," Adam answered immediately.

"What costume did I wear to your Halloween party two years ago?"

"Oh! You were Cher. Those lips were hilarious!"

Lane narrowed her eyes. " answered both of those right. I'm starting to believe you." She turned to Kris. "Show me some ID."

Kris looked at Adam, who dug into his back pocket and pulled out Kris' wallet. He handed it to Lane. Lane checked the ID, then turned to Adam. "Why are you wearing Adam's, uh, your own t-shirt? You're wearing his pants."

"The pants are ok, but the shirt he had on was plaid. He was also wearing Chucks. They had to go."

Lane laughed. "Ok, I believe you. No one but Adam Lambert would worry about fashion in the middle of a crisis like this. Let's sit back down and see what we can figure out."

The three of them talked until the sun came up. Lane and Kris were adamant that the rest of the tour should be canceled. Adam was equally determined that the show must go on. He pointed out that Kris had handled the end of this show like pro and was sure he could do the rest of the shows just as well. He did not want to cancel the last month of the tour, disappoint his fans and then have to come up with some lie to explain why he canceled the tour.

Kris appreciated Adam's faith in him, but he was not a rock star and he'd never performed even one entire show, let alone a month of them. He did admit that he sang and played guitar and piano and that he had a permanent Friday night gig at a local club, but that was just for one hour a week. Adam used this fact to bolster his case for Kris being able to handle a month of tour dates. It would be twenty-three shows, surely Kris could handle that. Lane was more worried about someone finding out what was going on and having to try to explain that. Adam assured her that no one would find out because no one would ever imagine this could happen. Both Lane and Kris finally agreed with him on that point.

Adam also pointed out that he would be with Kris all the way. He could fill him in on the schedule, the inner workings of the glamily and be there for moral support. Lane wanted to know how they would explain his sudden appearance on the tour. Kris was finally getting into the idea of actually doing this and he came up with the idea of saying that Adam was his cousin and that he wanted to come along to see what it was like to be a rock star. Adam jumped on that explanation.

Lane was also coming around to the idea, knowing that Adam's management wouldn't be happy at all if he canceled a month of sold out tour dates. She agreed with the idea of Adam and Kris being cousins. However, there was one more problem. Both buses were full. Where would "Kris" sleep?

"He can sleep with me," Adam said. "Since we're cousins, it won't look strange. We'll have to do some shopping before we leave Little Rock so I have some clothes to wear for the next month. We can get one of the store in town to bring over some and I'll pick out what I need. I'll need luggage, too. And personal things, like toiletries, etc."

Lane agreed to make the arrangements for all of this and then she left to go to her room and get some much needed sleep. Adam looked at Kris. "We should get some sleep, too. We have to be on the bus by five o'clock this afternoon. Fortunately, there's no show tonight. We'll have time to talk about how things work. You take the bed. I'll sleep here on the couch." He got up and headed for the bedroom to grab a pillow and a blanket.

Kris stood up and said, "No! I can't take your bed. I'll sleep here on the couch."

Adam stopped and turned around, "We could both sleep in the bed. It's a king size. If that doesn't weird you out - sleeping in the same bed as a gay man."

"It doesn't weird me out at all. I've done it plenty of times. What does make me nervous is sleeping with Adam Lambert. That will be something to remember." Kris grinned. Adam smiled back.

"As long as I don't see pictures of us in bed together on the front of the Enquirer, it'll be fine. I promise not to get too frisky." He winked and headed for the bedroom again. Both men got in bed and soon fell asleep. Adam had set the alarm for ten o'clock so they would have time to shop for clothes and the rest of the things he would need for the month.

The two men got on the bus early and got settled into Adam's room at the back of the bus. They had had lunch with the band and the dancers, explaining "Kris'" presence and the fact that he would be with them for the rest of the tour. They all accepted him graciously and without question. After the two of them unpacked Adam's new clothes, they sat on the bed and Adam started filling in Kris on what to expect and how to act around everyone. If he ran into any problems when Adam wasn't around, he was supposed to find Lane and she would help him. Both Lane and Adam had agreed that one or the other of them would be with or near Kris at all times.

The month went by more quickly than any of them thought it would. Kris did an admirable job filling in for Adam. He didn't quite have the swagger and smoldering sexiness and command of the stage that Adam did, but he gradually improved and the crowds didn't seem to see anything wrong. Adam, Kris and Lane were happy with the situation. However, they still had to figure out how to get Adam back in his own body and Kris back in his. None of them had any idea how to do this.

As the weeks passed, Adam and Kris spent most of their time together and they realized that they had a lot in common. They became close friends and Kris knew he was falling for the rock star. Adam was also falling in love, but neither wanted to say anything because the situation was so bizarre.

Finally, the last night of the tour came - Honolulu. Kris was up on the stage putting his all into the performance, wanting to make this last one his best one. And it was. Adam was standing in the wings and was so proud of Kris and what he had managed to do this past month.

As Kris finished Better Than I Know Myself, the room began to spin, but he stood still. The lights became brighter, the audience seemed to fade...Adam felt the room move - it was spinning. No, he was moving, not the room...Kris held onto the mic for dear life, but it just disappeared from his hand as the stage whirled out from under his feet...Adam was looking down at the people in front of him. He was looking at a sea of faces and he held a microphone in his hand - his glittery, black mic...Kris found himself in the wings looking out at Adam on the stage...Adam looked over to the side and he saw Kris looking back at him...he looked down and found himself wearing a pair of skin-tight leather pants, knee-high leather boots that laced up the sides and a glittery black tank top...Kris looked down to see he was wearing a purple button down, black jeans and black biker boots...Both men stared at each other until Tommy stepped up beside Adam and quietly said, "Hey, man, you gonna do the next song or what?"

Adam nodded and launched into Talk to Me, a hit off his latest album. Then he finished the concert with Whatta You Want From Me. He left the stage, then went back out for the encore, singing If I Had You and Lay Me Down.. Then he hurried over to Kris and Lane standing in the wings. The three of them hurried to Adam's dressing room. Kris had told Lane what had happened during Better Than I Know Myself this time. They were all relieved that their big problem was solved, but each was uneasy about how it had happened and why.

As they were leaving the theater to go to the hotel, Adam caught a glimpse of a tall man dressed all in black, wearing a long black cape. The man was looking at him and smiling. Adam had a funny feeling about the man. He left Kris and Lane standing on the sidewalk and hurried through the crowd to try to reach the stranger. But when Adam reached the spot where he saw the man, the man was gone. On the ground was a piece of paper. Adam picked it up and looked at it. It had the lyrics to Better Than I Know Myself written on it. A shiver ran down Adam’s spine. He glanced around but couldn’t find the mysterious man. He hurried back over to Lane and Kris. They got in the car and the driver took them to the hotel.

As soon as Adam and Kris were in their room with the door closed, Adam pulled Kris close and kissed him. The first kiss was just a gentle, questioning kiss. When Kris responded, Adam kissed him again, deeper and more passionate. The third time, he kissed Kris until Kris was hanging on to Adam’s shirt for support. Finally, Adam pulled back and looked at Kris, blue eyes meeting brown. “Kris, I love you. I think I’ve been in love with you since you fell off the steps on stage and got back up and kept singing like nothing had happened. You amaze me. I don’t want you to go back to Arkansas. I’d like you to come live with me in L.A.” He kissed Kris gently again.

Kris sighed and leaned his forehead against Adam’s chest. Then he looked up at Adam, who had a worried look on his face. “I love you too, Adam. I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with you, but I can’t imagine going back to my old life and never seeing you again.” He leaned up and kissed Adam. Adam lead Kris to the bedroom and each showed the other exactly how much he loved him.


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