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Title - As Long as I Have You
Prompt - Loss of Possessions
Fandom - RPF Kradam (Adam Lambert/Kris Allen)
Author - [personal profile] jeweledvixen
Rating - R for mentions of rape
Word Count - 1177
Summary - Adam and Kris are homeless and living on the streets of NYC. Living on the streets can be dangerous.
TRIGGER WARNING: Homelessness, Mention of Rape

Adam pulled back the faded blue blanket that made the front of their shelter and crawled in beside Kris with some fruit he had scavenged from the dumpster out back of the grocery store around the corner. He had two oranges, a pear and four plums. He also had scored a whole box of donuts. "We'll eat like kings tonight," he told Kris, pulling him in for a hug and a kiss. Kris smiled at Adam and grabbed the pear.

"Good, cuz I'm starved!" He took a big bite out of the pear and grinned at Adam again. "Mmmmm! This is so good!" Adam felt his breath leave his body. It happened every time Kris smiled that crooked smile at him. He loved Kris with all his heart and was so glad they had found each other at that homeless shelter last year. They had been together ever since. Adam treasured every minute he got to spend with Kris, because, as homeless people, you never knew what today would bring. He smiled back at Kris and took a bite out of one of the plums. They both giggled and licked the juice off each other's chin.

Adam had been on the street since he was fourteen, Kris since he was fifteen. Adam was nineteen now and Kris was seventeen. Life was hard, but they worked as a team now and weren't alone anymore. It made a huge difference. Kris had a guitar he had taken with him when he fled his abusive family situation. Adam had been kicked out when his family realized he was gay. To make money for food and other necessities, Adam and Kris would go the "their" street corner almost every day, one near Grand Central Station. Kris would play his guitar and Adam would sing. Kris sang harmony. They were very good and always made a decent amount of money each day - enough to provide them with food and clothing and, occasionally, a cheap motel room for the night.

But, as the weather got colder, it was harder for the two of them to spend time out in the open, trying to sing and play guitar. People were also less likely to stop to listen to them and to give them money because it was too cold for them and they were in a hurry to get indoors. But Kris and Adam usually went to the corner for at least a couple of hours every day. Adam had a pair of old gloves he had found and a scarf he had bought in a dollar store. It was harder for Kris, since he couldn't wear gloves to play his guitar.

They hadn't gone to the corner for a couple of days, though, because Kris had come down with a cold and Adam insisted that he stay in their make-shift shelter and stay warm. Adam would only leave him to go scrounge for food. Then they would snuggle together for warmth. Their relationship wasn't sexual - yet. Adam refused to take that step because Kris was still underage and he was still a virgin. Adam had lost his virginity when he was raped in a homeless shelter one night when he was seventeen. He wanted Kris' first time to be everything his hadn't been.

Two nights later, when Adam came back with some sandwiches he had rescued from behind a McDonalds, he found a large man outside their shelter holding a knife and confronting Kris. "Hey!" he yelled, "What's going on here? Leave him alone! Fuck off and leave us alone! We're not doing anything to hurt you or anyone else. Get out!"

The man turned his attention to Adam and sneered, "You sound so tough, but I think my knife trumps your bravado. My shelter isn't nearly as cozy as yours is, so I believe I'll take those blankets and that pillow. I also need a new scarf and some gloves. I'll take those sandwiches, too. Come on! Hand 'em over! Throw in that guitar while you're at it. I can pawn that for a few dollars. Hurry up, be quick! I don't have all night."

One of the first lessons you learn on the street is that you never play the hero. If someone is threatening you and they have the upper hand, give them what they want and hope they go away, leaving you in one piece. So Adam and Kris handed over all their meager possessions to the man. He snatched them and took off down the street, disappearing in the darkness. Kris sank down on the bare ground and started crying. Adam knelt in front of him, wrapping his arms around the smaller man. "Hey, Kris. It's ok. He didn't hurt either of us and we can always replace what he took. It might take a while, but we'll be ok."

"No," Kris sobbed, "It won't be all right. He took my guitar! I've had that guitar since I was eight. It's been the one constant in my life. It's a piece of me. And now that piece is gone forever." Adam hugged him tight and rocked back and forth until Kris' sobs quieted and he fell into a restless sleep.

The next day, Kris was still fighting his cold, so Adam told him he was going to go to their corner and sing a capella and see if he could make some money to buy some food. Kris didn't answer, he just huddled in the corner and nodded. Adam bit his lip, worried about Kris. He quickly left the shelter.

Several hours later, Kris was dozing when the blanket was pulled aside and Adam entered. He had a big smile on his face. "I have something for you that might cheer you up," he told Kris. Kris sighed and sat up. "First, I, uh, found some blankets to keep us warm again. Then I made enough money to actually buy a sub for us to share. It's your favorite - meatball with cheese. Then, I had enough money left over to buy...this!" He pulled his surprise out from behind his back. It was Kris' guitar. Kris jumped up, his eyes wide as saucers.

" found it! Oh, my gosh! I can't believe it! My guitar! How did you do it?" Kris gently took the guitar from Adam and strummed it softly. Again, Adam felt breathless.

"The guy said he was going to pawn it, so after I made a decent amount of money, I went searching pawn shops around here for it. It was in the third one I looked in." Kris set the guitar down and threw himself into Adam's arms.

"I don't know what to say. Thank you so much. You've put the missing piece back in my heart. You were the other one that I didn't even know was missing until I met you. Now, I feel complete again." They kissed, then settled down on their new blankets to eat their subs. After that, Kris played his guitar and they sang for a bit, then fell asleep in each others arms.
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