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There was no getting around it, I had to go to the store today for groceries and cat food. I had nothing but Ramen noodles left and that's all I had eaten in three days. The very thought of eating any more of them was making me feel nauseous. BUT my car was covered with several inches of snow and it was only around 20°F out and it was windy as heck. The cold and the cold wind really bother my breathing. But I had no choice, so I went out and started the car, then cleaned it off in three sessions. I did a bit, then got in the car to catch my breath and warm up. I finally got it done and got to Wally World. Shopping went fine. The roads were fine and I made it home just fine.

Tomorrow is the last day to post entries in the Cotton Candy Bingo Challenge. I have three stories written, but was having trouble coming up with ideas for the last two. Last night, after I went to bed, while I was petting my babies, the ideas just came to me. Two great ideas, one for each story. Now I just have to get them written and then post all five. I can do this! I'm so happy. Now I have food and inspiration! :)

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inspiration? what is this elusive creature of which you speak?


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